Neisha Dunn is a young, confident, and talented singer-songwriter who is determined to take the music business by storm. At the age of 18, Neisha is a seasoned performer, having taken the stage since age 4. Neisha has attracted the attention of talent scouts from Nashville to Toronto, with her first serious offers arriving at age 12. Deciding to enjoy her youth and grow and learn, Neisha continued to take private voice and dance lessons while also competing in a number of competitions across Ontario.

At the age of 14, Neisha began taking guitar lessons while studying various works of poetry in her spare time. A year after discovering her new-found love for poetry, Neisha began to merge words and melodies to create music that is relatable, honest, and pure. At the age of 16, Neisha attended a 3-day workshop for ’The Young Americans’ - a world-known organization focusing on music outreach to youth. Neisha auditioned for the california-based program and was accepted.

Months later, Neisha was approached by an artist development label that was interested in bringing her songs to life. After featuring as a guest vocalist on Calvin James' debut album, 'Soil and Stone' in January 2011, Neisha was offered an artist development deal. Declining the offer to Young Americans, Neisha made the decision to pursue her love for writing music and finally signed a recording contract in late July 2011. Her first single, "321" recieved rave reviews from the online and London community.

With years of experience and training, and a fanbase that is growing rapidly, Neisha remains a well-grounded and good-natured triple-threat. Consistently referred to as a "joy to work with", voted by her peers as "most likely to become famous", Neisha is a bubbly and outgoing young lady who is extremely career-driven and focused on artistic goal-setting. Neisha’s debut album ’If You Wanted’ is set to release May 5th, 2012.